Edit FTP Site Properties

This window is used to specify the properties of a remote host site for the FTP Browser.




Site Name

The user-friendly name you can give to the remote site. For example, "Company Server".

Host Name

The FTP host address of the server. Typically something like "ftp.mysite.com", or an IP address.

User name

The FTP user name used to log on to the server.


The FTP password for the user.

Initial directory

The directory on the remote server that will become the current working directory after the connection.

Port number

The TCP port number to use to connect to the remote host. The default is port 21.

Passive mode

If selected, then the Passive mode is used. Passive mode is best used when you are behind a firewall. In Pas­sive mode, the remote server tells Source Insight what data port to connect to, instead of Source Insight opening a data port on your machine.

If not selected, then the Active mode is used. In Active mode, Source Insight needs to open a data port for the remote server to connect to. This is usually not a good practice for security reasons, and will usually not work with firewalls.

Keep connection alive

If selected, then Source Insight will attempt to keep the connection alive by sending simple FTP commands at random intervals to keep the remote host from becoming idle and disconnecting.