Compare Files

The Compare Files command compares two files and shows them in the File Compare window side by side. See: File Compare.



To compare a file:

1.Select Tools > Compare Files

2.In File 1, enter the path of the file. The current file name is preloaded into this field.

3.In File 2, enter the path of the second file. You can enter just a directory path and the file name will be implied. To load any other open file, click the down-arrow to show recent files and other open files.

4.Press Enter or click Compare. The File Compare window will open and show the files side-by-side with differences highlighted.

To compare a file with a previous version

1.Open a source file.

2.Select Tools > Compare with Backup File.

3.The Compare with Backup Version dialog will appear. Select the old version you want to compare with, and click OK. See: Compare with Backup File.

To compare a files from the command line

1.Invoke Source Insight from the command line like this:

sourceinsight4.exe -d <file1> <file2>

2.The File Compare window will open and show the two given files.