Browse Local File Symbols

The Browse Local File Symbols command lists all the symbols in the current file that are at the file scope. From this dialog box, you can look at the symbol definition, jump to the symbol, or insert a copy of the sym­bol definition into the current selection.

The Browse Local File Symbols command automatically selects the first word in the selection before the dia­log box comes up. The word is selected so that you can use the Insert buttons to replace the symbol name.


The name of the symbol to be looked up. This text box is automatically loaded with the first word in the cur­rent selection when the dialog box comes up. You can type any symbol name into this text box.

Symbol List

Displays a list of all symbols in the project. If a search pattern was given in the Symbol Name text box, then this is a list of all the symbols that satisfy the search pattern. Below the symbol list, the currently selected symbol's type and file of origin are displayed.

The types of symbols shown in the list are controlled by the settings accessed with the Symbol Types button.

As you type, Source Insight will select the symbol in the Symbol List that starts with what you are typing. For example, if you type "Pch", then the first item in the list (in sorted order) that starts with "Pch" is selected in the list. The match is not case sensitive and leading underscores are ignored.

You can specify a regular expression style search pattern to search for symbols by typing a question mark (?) and then the search pattern, and click the Jump button. All the symbols that match the pattern are placed in the Symbol List. For example, to find all symbols beginning with "Delete" and containing "Foo", you could type "?^Delete.*Foo".


Click to jump to the definition of the currently selected symbol. If an item is selected in the Symbol List, then that is the selected symbol. Otherwise, the symbol typed in the Symbol Name text box is used.

If the symbol name text box starts with a question mark (?), then Source Insight will perform a search, and the dialog box will remain up.


Click to run the Symbol Info command on the selected symbol.


Click to search for references to the selected symbol.

Insert w/Args

Click to replace the current selection with the name of the symbol followed by the parameters as they appear in the symbol definition.

Insert Name

Click to replace the current selection with the name of the symbol.


Click to create a cross-reference list of the symbols currently listed in the Symbol List. A new file is created and named SYMLIST.TXT. Each line of the file contains a symbol name and the file and line number where it's defined.

Symbol Types

This button is used to specify what types of symbols will be included in the symbol list and what types of symbols will be searched for when using a regular expression in the symbol name text box.