Add and Remove Project Files

This command lets you add source files to the current project, or remove source files from the current proj­ect.

This is the primary way to add a large number of files to the project. With this command, you can add and remove single files, groups of files, and whole source directory trees.

You can also add files to the project by dragging files from Windows Explorer and dropping them onto the Proj­ect File List panel. The Project File List panel also allows removing files from the project.

What Files Should You Add to a Project?

Add only text files to your projects.

Source Insight projects should consist of program source files and text files only. It doesn't make any sense to add a binary format file to a Source Insight project. For example, adding an exe or bitmap file to your project would have no benefit.

The file types that are defined by default in Options > File Type Options correspond to the types of source files you probably want to use with Source Insight. Normally, only those types of files should be added to a project.

Use Options > File Type Options to control what types of files are added to projects.

The File Type Options dialog box contains the check box: Include when adding to projects. You can use this check box to control what file types Source Insight will automatically add to your project, or what file types will be displayed in the list box in the Add and Remove Project Files dialog box.

Using a Master File List

Instead of adding and removing files manually through the Add and Remove Project Files command, you can setup a special file called a Master File List and associate that with the current project. For more information, See: Using a Master File List. 

Add and Remove Project Files Dialog Box



File Name

Type the name of the file you want to add or remove in this text box. The lists will be matched automatically with what you type. You can type a wildcard and press Enter to filter the file list to show only those files that match the wildcard.

You can also type a full directory path, or a drive letter followed by a colon to switch the current directory.

Directory List

Contains a directory tree of the current drive. If you select a directory name in this list box, the File Name list will show what is in that directory. The current working directory and wildcard filter, if any, is displayed above the list box.

File Name List

Contains a list of all files in the currently selected directory. If you select a file from this list box, the file name is loaded into the File Name text box. This list box will not display files that are already part of the project.

Project Files List

Lists all the files currently added to the project. You can select files from this list and click the Remove… but­tons to remove the files from the project.


Closes the dialog box, keeping the changes you made.


Adds the selected file(s) to the project. If a directory is selected, then the current directory switches to that directory.

Add All

Selects all the items in the File Name list and adds them to the project. If any directories are included, then their contents are added too. Source Insight will prompt you first to see if you want to include the directories.

Add Tree

Click Add Tree to add a whole source tree to your project.

When a directory is selected, this adds the whole directory tree to the project. That is, all the directories in the sub tree are scanned for files that match known file types, and they are added to the project.

Remove Tree

When a directory is selected, this removes all files found in that directory tree.

Show only known file types

Only files that are defined in Options > File Type Options are included in the file list. Furthermore, only file types that have the "Include when adding to project" option enabled are included. You can change the known file types with the File Type Options command.

If not enabled, then all file types are listed in the File Name list. You should only add text files to a project, and not binary files.

Remove File

Removes the file(s) selected in the Project Files list.

Remove All

Removes all files from the project. The project will be empty.

Remove Special…

Brings up the Remove File dialog box, which allows you to do special remove operations, such as removing all *.h files.

Add from list…

Brings up the Add File List dialog box. This asks you to specify an input text file that contains a list of files and directories to be added to the project.