Add File

The Add File command adds one or more source files to the current project. This command existed in earlier versions of Source Insight, however the Add and Remove Project Files command is a newer replacement, which provides a central dialog box from which to add and remove files from your project.

File Name

The name of the file to be added to the project. You may type a file name or a wildcard pattern and press Enter. If you typed a wildcard, the pattern will be applied to the file list box.

File list box

Contains a list of all files in the current working directory of the current drive that are not already a part of the current project. If you select a file from this list box, the file name is loaded into the File Name text box. The current working directory is displayed above the list box. This list box will not display files that are already part of the project. Also, only files that belong to file types that have the "Include when adding to project" option turned on are included in the list. See: File Type Options.


Click this button to add the file named in the File Name text box to the project and close the dialog box. If the File Name text box contains wildcard characters, the wildcards will be expanded and displayed in the File list box, and the dialog box will not be closed. If one or more files are selected in the File list box, then all selected files are added to the project.

Select All

Click this button to select all the files contained in the File list box.

Add Dir

Click this button to add a whole directory to the project. If the Subdirs Also check box is enabled, then this will recursively add all files in the whole subdirectory tree.

Show Dirs

Click this button to toggle the list box contents between showing file names, and showing subdirectory names.

Subdirs Also

If enabled, then Source Insight will recurse through all subdirectories when the Add button is clicked, or when a single directory is selected and Add is clicked.

If not enabled, then Source Insight will only add the selected files or the files in the selected directory and will ignore sub-directories.


Click this button to bring up the standard Windows Open dialog box, which allows you to browse around your disks. If you select a file in this dialog box, its path will be placed into the File Name text box.


Click this button to switch to the Remove File dialog box.